Religion Knowledge Test

Through conversations, I often find that I waste my time when someone of incredible ignorance attempts to educate someone with knowledge.  To that end, I made a little test to see if someone has a chance to inform me on something I don’t already know more about.

This test is designed around going theories (300+ years) of biblical scholarship and textual criticism, and provides an overview of the most important facts about the bible’s construction and problems from a fundamentalist interpretation.

The Test

1. How many times is the universe created in Genesis?
2. Which civilization’s mythology inspired the flood myth?
3. Where did the israelites come from?
4. What 2 races did God declare genocide against?
5. What two gods of the Caananite pantheon merged into one, and what two were excommunicated (I know there were more, but only four played a primary role in Israelite mythology)?
6. What are the 5 divisions of author groups of the Pentatuch, and what time periods did they write at (Wellhausen)?
7. What major prophet’s book is divided between two of these authors writing from different god-opinions?
8. Who wrote the Gospels?
8a. What are the general dates of the gospels’ publication date, given in a range from conservative to liberal estimates?
8b. What church father(s) invented the authors for each of the gospels, and in what year?
9. Name one of the three passages in the gospels that was added at least 100 years after the original?
10. Name 2 of the pseudoepigraphical pauline epistles, or the total number of pseudoepigraphical epistles.

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Fat Shaming is Evil, Even When You’re Christian

This originally began as a Facebook response to this article about gluttony, and how everyone should be ashamed to be gluttonous and go to jesus for the cure for this god-induced shame.

On Shame

Of the list of sins ignored by the church, gluttony is not in my top 10.  My list would include not judging those outside the church, owning a home, getting a divorce, ignoring the old testament, or lying about everything, like the compliation of the old testament, the mythologies therein, their borrowed nature, the authors of the new testament, you know..

Just about everything.

Also, the use of Genesis 3 points out that they were lacking in something, namely contentment, before ‘sin’ entered the world. Ergo, Eden was not perfect, there was already discontent, there were already problems. Also, this was before they knew ‘right’ from ‘wrong,’ casting further doubt on any reason why they should have been expected to know it’s wrong to be dissatisfied as a prisoner of ignorance. Of course since it is a myth shoved in next to genesis 1 where there’ no adam and eve, it makes sense.

Facts vs Magic

Meanwhile fact and evolution explain our indulgence to excess; we were molded in a time where we died in our 20s, and everything was scarce. We are programmed to take as much as we can when it’s available. This was the most effective strategy for our species’ survival, and it makes sense to see barely-non-cave-men and women gorging themselves on something our brains simply tell us to do and gives us endorphins as a reward for previously-rare and important nutrients (sugars and fats) or sexual opportunities.

Meanwhile the article promises that if you content yourself with an imaginary relationship, you will gain happiness and somehow quit being human. This is the great lie of Christianity: that somehow by way of a magical invisible spirit, you can cease to have human desires. Yet we see pastor after pastor repressing these desires and exploding in headlines as sexual miscreants completely opposed to their own words. Yes I’m sure they weren’t true scotsmen.

This only makes sense when the magic isn’t real.

The article says, “Is the desire for excess sinful?” Well.. see.. here’s where I have a big problem with this cult of evil that perpetuates mental slavery and should be fought with as much ferocity as any stalin, hitler, pol pot, or other massively evil thing: Being a human being, having natural tendencies, should never be something for shame.

Breathing should not be shamed. Being upset should not be shamed. Being tired should not be shamed. Being a child who sometimes goes against their parents’ words should not be shamed.

Sexual desire should not be shamed.

Wanting to eat an extra portion of food because our ancestors that didn’t died and didn’t pass on their genes should not be shamed.

Yet, the best way to perpetuate a snake oil plot like this is to make people ashamed repressed husks of their true humanity. And then sell them the lie that your shame will disappear if you just think magical thoughts about a murderous sadistic sociopath that invented hell just in case you don’t love him back. “You can be gluttonous! just be gluttonous about the right thing: thinking about God who loves you and will torture you forever if you don’t love him back teehee”

Only under christianity can a tyrant such as this be adored by so many willfully ignorant Stockholm victims, who look at their repressive dictator as salvation. It makes me sick. Thank you for the reminder today of how insane this cult really is, that can take normally intelligent and kind people and turn them into shaming repressed monsters.

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Brief post on the Exodus

(This is adapted from a facebook post)

Oftentimes, people are confused as to why I don’t believe at all, and one of the most basic reasons is due to the paucity of evidence for many of the events that are put forth as truth in the old testament.  One such event is the Exodus, and I feel it’s important to point out some information that the vast majority of historians and biblical scholars agree on: that every bit of researched archaeological evidence, textual criticism, and ancient history from surrounding peoples points that the Jews were never in Egypt, were Caanites, and invented the exodus as a story for national identity, much like the romans and the Romulus/Remus stories.

The wikipedia article has plenty of citations, but here are a few more:
“Israel itself did not exist until approximately 1100 BCE when various Semitic tribes joined in Canaan to form a single independent kingdom, at least 600 years after the completion of the last of Egypt’s large pyramids. Thus it is not possible for any Israelites to have been in Egypt at the time, either slave or free; as there was not yet any such thing as an Israelite.”
“Surveys of ancient settlements–pottery remains and so forth–make it clear that there simply was no great influx of people around the time of the Exodus (given variously as between 1500-1200 BCE). Therefore, not the wandering, but the arrival alerts us to the fact that the biblical Exodus is not a literal depiction.”
“No Jews built the pyramids because Jews didn’t exist at the period when the pyramids were built,” Mazar said.

So any findings about the ‘exodus’ are simply confirmation bias, since the event never even occurred. As for the chariot wheels:

“Also, after 3,500 years of water flowing into the Red Sea and carrying sand and silt along with it, that’s the deepest that such a wheel has become buried? It looks like it’s barely beneath the sand. Why is this “gilded wheel” not covered by several feet of silt and sand after 3,500 years? “

I hope this helps shed some light on why some of us withhold our judgement on these stories! And feel free to respond with questions and objections!

If you want to watch a video summary of where the Israelites (and Yaheweh) actually came from, look here:

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Mark Driscoll: Morally Compromised Insanity, in Point of Fact

Mark Driscoll, the perennial bigoted fundamentalist snake in the dirt that he is, has either himself, or by proxy, put up a brief response to the Boston bombing.

This is the sort of insidious ignorance created by a death cult.

“Make no mistake, we are at war: an insane rebellion against our Creator God is the root cause of this murderous action.”

Religion has motivated countless murders and slaughters of innocents. If this is a religiously motivated act of terrorism, it will be due to some people’s belief in a creator god. The same one as Driscoll, in fact.  We can take the sentence and make sense of it by cutting it just so: “God is the root cause of this murderous action.”

“Sin makes no sense, is not rational, nor can be reasoned with.”

Of course not. It is an imaginary crime against an imaginary being with imaginary eternal consequences.  In point of fact, there are no eternal consequences for Christians, and eternal punishment for everyone believing the wrong mythology, meaning rapist/murderer/genocidists can gain eternal bliss, but if their victims curse god because of their perpetrator’s actions, they get eternal torment, under traditional orthodox theology.

“He does so, not by acts of military might or zealous terror, but by swallowing the curse like a bitter pill.”

Some pastors are ignorant liars. Others are willfully ignorant liars, and these are the more morally compromised ones. Mark driscoll knows full well that God (in the literal biblical sense) ordered mass slaughters of Amalekites, Caananites, the entire human race due to flooding, used the babylonians, persians, and assyrians to enact ‘justice’ by slaughtering innocents, and generally made a great bloody mess of things with glee and schoolgirl giddiness that sociopaths have wet dreams about. Yahweh, after being adopted from the Caananite El, was a ceaseless machination of impetulant murderous destruction out of petty jealousy and impotence from his pride, yet Driscoll has the moral paucity to say that this god does not act this way. And we best not forget gentle Jesus, who promises exact excruciating pain on his enemies, with his angels creating a winepress of death.  What a disturbingly incorrect notion of peace.

“He bears the full blast of God’s wrath against all the powers of hell aligned against us.”

Ironically, it was the mythical theology set forth by the Israelites  who required sacrifice, coupled with the mystery cults of the day that bestowed salvation on individual followers through Passions and rising, that enacted this death cult’s existence.  Also, aren’t we talking about the Almighty Creator of the universe that is capable of suspending physics and creating universes through his words? Oh, no, he’s incapable of changing his own rules, correcting his own mistakes, or having the foresight to realize that creating humans with the proclivity to ‘sin’ would mean they would ‘sin.’  What a pathetic idiot for a god this is; I had more planning ability when I was 4, visiting the bathroom without taking a dump my pants.

It’s a good thing he’s in charge and not me. I would have forgiven people who try to do good through empathy, and stopped rapists and murderers and suicide bombers, and not required willful ignorance and ‘faith’ to guarantee relief from eternal conscious torment. I wouldn’t write a book filled with contradictions, loopholes, and stories that have no archaeological evidence, borrow verbatim from other mythologies in the surrounding area, and were written down (or fabricated out of thin air and hallucination) hundreds of years after the fact. I would have provided some logical shred of my existence, instead of operating in a constant state of incompatibility to the law of noncontradiction, bestowing free will on humans to mess up my perfect plan, while maintaining full power over everything, existing as 3 and 1 at the same time, and telling my followers to slaughter everything that comes in their path, remaining unchanging, and change my mind by requesting everyone turn the other cheek, sending spirits of lies to prophets, deliberately hardening Pharaoh’s heart in order to slaughter a few children.

What god doesn’t like infanticide? Not the Abramic one!  I guess that’s the difference between me and God. I don’t like slaughtering children for my perverted egomaniacal masturbation.

Because our Creator is for shalom, he is against anything that attempts to destroy it.”

It would seem this creator has a bipolar identity crisis, as His M.O. seems to be slaughter everything he’s jealous of.  Again, changing his mind like a whining child is par for the course.

“And though we may not fully understand why God allowed this senseless bombing, we do know, unquestionably, that he cares and his covenantal commitment will not diminished by the flailing death rattle of evil in any form.”

God allowed it because God doesn’t exist.  No being worthy of being called a god would allow the sort of wanton death and destruction we see, unless he were incapable of stopping it, unaware of the evil, or was actually an evil, malevolent, capricious, sadistic fuck of a being.

Let us grieve and mourn for the weeping city of Boston. But let us do so with hope, knowing Jesus is Lord of creation and the great physician of every wound.”

And this, my friends, is the reason I hate people like Mark Driscoll and the fitlth that spouts from his ignorant, undeserving mind.  Let’s grieve, but forget about that grief; let’s remain blissfully ignorant to the reality that is screaming at us in the face, that there are people and cultures and human beings who, for whatever reason, want to engage in these unempathetic acts of slaughter.  Don’t lets figure out what’s causing this sort of death;

Let’s just look forward to our own slaughter, and the slaughter of those sinful humans around us, for the beginning of their eternal torment, with glee!

As all the other death cults of the world do.

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