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Zealous Deconverted Assholes

In the comments thread on my Freethought Blogs guest post on feminism, Samoanbiscuit pointed out his happiness over my deconversion not turning me into a “Zealous Deconverted Asshole,” which prompted me to try to wrestle with the idea. He (or she) points … Continue reading

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A Year Of Freedom

Facebook’s activity log provides a unique glimpse into our own pasts.  While parusing back in time, one event stuck out to me on my own timeline: June 14,2011.  On that day, I changed my religious views from “Christian” to “Pastafarian”. … Continue reading

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Being Skeptical Goes Both Ways

Atheism is a position on one particular issue in the vast sea of possible ideas and beliefs, but the thing that made me an atheist was skepticism.  I answer this question briefly in the FAQ, and I mean it; my … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman on Why the Gospels are Unreliable

In the journey to my ultimate deconversion, Bart Ehrman played a pivotal role.  His book, Misquoting Jesus, pointed to some of the scribe’s mysoginy and irreverent treatment of the texts, that translated to some serious misgivings about the integrity of … Continue reading

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