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Zealous Deconverted Assholes

In the comments thread on my Freethought Blogs guest post on feminism, Samoanbiscuit pointed out his happiness over my deconversion not turning me into a “Zealous Deconverted Asshole,” which prompted me to try to wrestle with the idea. He (or she) points … Continue reading

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Proving God Wrong: Why Believers are Fundamentally Incorrigible

Last week, I discussed the idea of confirmation bias and its influence on prayer and belief, which led me eventually to the idea that God is never wrong.  This is an important concept, that I feel as though should be … Continue reading

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Indigestion, Confirmation Bias, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Bad Spaghetti Last night, my girlfriend cooked her gluten-free spaghetti, along with some pretty tasty ground turkey , shrooms and sauce.  Problem is, something in the whole shabang gave us both indigestion (i.e. you don’t want to be in the … Continue reading

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